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Making it through to payday

I do the best I can with the money we earn, but sometimes it just doesn't make it through to payday. If you don't have a great credit history, it can be hard to make a successful application for a credit card or personal loan. Unfortunately, my partner has a really poor credit history, so we struggle to get loans through traditional paths. Instead, we rely on loans from friends and family as well as payday loans. This blog is all about the ways to make it through to the next pay if you have a bad credit rating like us.

Making it through to payday

3 Ways To Finance Your Next Car

Got your eye on a new car? Well, before taking the plunge, take time to consider your financing options. You'll want to consider interest rates, fees and the term of the loan, rather than just the monthly repayment figure, when assessing affordability. Here's an overview of three ways to secure that new car: Personal Loan There a couple of reasons to consider using a personal loan to buy a car. Firstly, some banks and credit unions offer preferential rates if you already have an account with them.

Home Construction: Critical Services from a Quantity Surveyor

When building your first home, you will need to hire numerous professionals to help you through the process. One of the critical specialists that you should consider selecting for the project is the quantity surveyor. This expert is primarily concerned with the financial and contractual aspects of construction. Often, potential homeowners to overlook their important roles in building homes because of the extra professional charges. However, you can benefit extensively by utilising their cost management skills and building legalities knowledge.