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Making it through to payday

3 Winning Strategies To Get The Best Health Insurance Plan For You

by Rose Davis

Choosing health insurance plan can be daunting with so many options available in the market, apart from the fact that it is likely to set you back anywhere between $141 to $245 every month. Going to one company can limit your ability to get a plan that's tailored to your needs, so it's worthwhile going to insurance brokers because they look at multiple companies. Follow these winning strategies to get the best health insurance plan for you when shopping around with the help of your insurance brokers.

Begin When You're Young To Benefit From The Lifetime Health Cover Scheme 

When you buy hospital cover as part of overall health insurance when you're younger, then the Australian government has some incentives for you. The government introduced the Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) scheme to encourage youngsters to take out health insurance earlier. Under this scheme, Australians who purchase hospital insurance after their 31st birthdays have to pay a financial loading fee of 2 percent for every year you cross the age of 30, which is added on to the base premium. If you decide to take health insurance earlier, you will avoid this loading fee. If you have migrated to the country and you're over 21, you will not have to pay this loading fee provided you purchase hospital cover within 12 months of registering for Medicare. 

Find Out About Reach And Service

While bigger insurance companies typically have high reach, but smaller companies may offer you better customer service and higher value for money. Before you make a decision on a health insurance plan, your best option is to find out about reach and service provided to you. Find out from the health fund about service providers and private hospitals they have agreements with in your area. If you use any of these hospitals, you will likely get more costs paid out for your health condition by the insurance company. Your insurance brokers can typically find out all this information for you before you make a decision on a health plan.

Get Information About Gap Cover

Before making a decision on a health insurance plan, ask your insurance brokers to get information about gap cover provided by health insurance companies. Gap cover is the out-of-pocket amount you may have to pay to hospitals and doctors above your health fund coverage and Medicare rates. Some health funds are able to insure against these additional payments partially or completely through gap cover arrangements with hospitals and doctors, so find out about them if you don't want to make hefty payments on your own.

Follow these winning strategies when working with insurance brokers in your quest to find the best health insurance plan that makes sense to you.