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Making it through to payday

Home Construction: Critical Services from a Quantity Surveyor

by Rose Davis

When building your first home, you will need to hire numerous professionals to help you through the process. One of the critical specialists that you should consider selecting for the project is the quantity surveyor. This expert is primarily concerned with the financial and contractual aspects of construction. Often, potential homeowners to overlook their important roles in building homes because of the extra professional charges. However, you can benefit extensively by utilising their cost management skills and building legalities knowledge. Here are the primary services that you should consider engaging from your quantity surveyor during home construction. 

Cost Planning

The process of building a new home requires careful budgeting of the financial resources. As a potential homeowner, it is easy to assume that you can allocate the project expenses and ensure that the established plan is followed. Even if you have an accounting background, this process can be difficult. For example, the construction process is not always predictable and can be affected significantly by issues such as accidents, weather and even construction mistakes. Moreover, it is easy to overlook some expenses during planning. A quantity surveyor has experience in the field and can account for any eventuality during the initial cost planning. In addition, they will act as the financial control measure for contractors and even you, in case you decide to change your home design unexpectedly.

Procurement Services

Procurement of building materials and even construction services is difficult. If you are not well-informed about the industry, you are likely to pay more than necessary for your building needs. For instance, materials obtained from shops will be significantly more expensive compared to those acquired from a depot. Therefore, it is advisable to have a quantity surveyor to provide advice on the best places and methods to acquire goods. The professional will guide you through the process of comparing different suppliers and contractors. Moreover, they will prepare payment forms, bill of quantities and other similar documents for efficient accountability.

Project Management

Finally, a quantity surveyor is an excellent project manager for home construction. This position requires construction and legal knowledge and involves diverse roles. Therefore, the efficiency of the work can decline if you hire a person trained for general project management. The common tasks that the surveyor will perform include risk calculation and subsequent management, dispute resolution, preparation of feasibility assessments and valuation for insurance. In addition, they can perform contract preparation, negotiation and assessment. This can reduce the expenses associated with engaging a solicitor for the project.